LSC Creations Custom Hand-Painted Gifts & Home Decor

Hand-Painted Gifts & Home Decor
Hand-painted bumble bee by LSC Creations

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Handcrafted Gifts, Hand-Painted & Personalized Gifts,
Custom-Painted, Gifts, Decor, Keepsakes, Collectibles

Handcrafted Metal Lamp Shades
Custom, Decorative Gifts, Decor

Handcrafted, custom hand-painted, made in America by LSC Creations, these metal lamp shades will make unique decor & gift pieces.

Handcrafted, Handpainted, Metal Lamp Shade

Metal Bandings
Customized Decorative Decor

Custom hand-painted these bandings or trim moldings can add a decorative touch to any decor.  Made of stamped steel other metals available.

 0.75" - 1.9375"    2.1" - 2.9"    3.0" - 3.9"    4.0" - 4.9"    6" - 12"    Mesh   Perforated 


Refrigerator Magnets
Custom-Painted Personalized Gifts & Decor.

Fridge magnets include  Animals   Assorted    Birds    Insects    Seas-Fish  Plants    Seasonal    Space
Custom hand-painted, and personalized for unique gifts or to match any decor. Each decorative metal fridge magnet is signed numbered and dated making unique keepsake gifts & collectibles.  Every refrigerator magnet has a heavy duty magnet making these pieces very functional. Stamped steel.

Dogwood Flower Custom Hand-Painted Gifts, Decor, Keepsakes, Colletcibles

Decorative, Personalized, Gifts & Decor

 The decorative ornaments are hand-painted and can be custom-painted even personalized.  Every decorative ornament will be hand-painted on the back as well. These fine pieces will be signed numbered and dated creating unique personalized gifts, keepsakes, collectibles. Stamped steel single faced.  You have the same choices as the magnets.

Cardnal Custom Hand-Painted Gifts, Decor Keepsakes, Collectibles

Hand-Painted, Decorative, One-of-a-Kind Pieces

Home decor accessories make elegant customized gifts and decor.  These Decorative hand-painted pieces make unique keepsakes and collectibles.

Hand-Painted Decorative Accessories

 Histerical Markers
Custom Hand-Painted, Novelty Gifts, Decor

State Markers, Novelty Plaques or Fake Historical Markers, are custom hand-painted with your choice of colors.  These unique markers make fine keepsake and collectible gifts.

Histerical Marker Custom Hand-Painted Historical Marker


Brass Products
Magnets, Ornaments, Bandings

The brass products include magnets or ornaments and bandings.  These are not painted they are brass but, they can be painted if you choose.  Any piece can still be personalized at no charge.  

Brass Bumble Bee

Metal Ceiling Panels
Custom Hand-Painted Decor

These 2x6 foot panels are hand-painted,  hand-stamped and made out of aluminum so they will never rust. Having the metal ceiling panels in your home lessens the cooling and heating expenses. When custom-painting these metal ceiling panels you will have a rare and unique ceiling decor.


Custom-Painted Murals
Customized, Hand-Painted Decor

Add value to your home with a decorative custom-painted mural.  A unique hand-painted mural will bring enjoyment to any room of your house.  

Mural, Handpainted, Custom-Painted, Decorative Decor

Wall Decor
Hand-Painted Gifts, Keepsakes, Collectibles

The decorative hand-painted wall decor can be custom-painted to match any decor. For memorable events like weddings and birthdays these hand-painted pieces can be personalized to create one-of-a-kind gifts, keepsakes and collectibles. 

Pheasant Custom Hand-Painted Wall Decor

Product Gallery, Unique Hand-painted Pieces, Gifts & Decor

Custom hand-painted pieces creates a lifetime of memories.

Fine Hand Painted Personalized Gifts, Decor, Custom-Painted Gifts, keepsakes, collectibles.

Handpainted Product Gallery, Customized Handpainted Decor, Custom Painted Gifts, Handpainted Gifts

For additional information on any of our fine products and services,
please feel free to contact us.